Hot-air balloon flight in Annonay

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  • 1 Hot-air balloon flight with "Annonay's balloons" association

    Discovery balloon flights or captive flights (the aerostat is moored to the ground and there are repeated ascents to an average height of 30 m,) with the historic association "Annonay's balloons".
    Rue Henri Guironnet
    07100 Annonay
    Prices not available.
    All year round, daily.
    Subject to favorable weather. Postponed in case of bad weather. On demand.
  • 2 Hot-air balloon flight with MONTGOLFIÈRES & Cie

    Soak up the warm atmosphere with MONTGOLFIÈRES & Cie on an unforgettable 3-4 hour adventure. Fly over the northern Ardèche and Annonay region with its colourful landscapes. Small group flights in balloons for 2-8 passengers.


    Details : - Welcome to the Deomas Castle Parc, meeting around a breakfast - Last checking about the weather, briefing about your safety & distribution of roles if you want to inflate the balloon. - Materials making & inflating of the balloon - Take-off for an one-hour journey, fly over the valley of the North of Ardèche - When we land, we're going to celebrate the fly with a champagn or juice glass, pastries & a diploma !
    41 Grande Rue
    07290 Quintenas
    Adult: 185 to 210 €
    Child: 165 to 169 €.
    All year round, daily between 9 am and 7 pm.
    Subject to favorable weather. Postponed in case of bad weather. On demand.
  • 3 Vol en montgolfière avec l'association Envol pour Tous

    32 Côte Barlet
    07100 Annonay
    All year round, daily.
  • 4 Hot-air balloon flight with "Annonay, hot-air balloon birthplace" association

    "Annonay, hot-air balloon birthplace" association propose hot-air balloon discovery flight, by dynabulle (motorized balloon) and capitve flight (fastened balloon).
    Mairie d'Annonay
    07100 Annonay
    Prices not available.
    All year round, daily.
  • 5 Balloon flight with Ardèche Montgolfières

    Annonay is the Rhône-Alpes' hot-air balloon capital. Where better to take your first trip up in a hot-air balloon? Soak up the beautiful Ardèche countryside, the Alps, vineyards and orchards just an hour from Lyon, St Etienne and Valence.
    14 route de Beaumarais
    07100 Roiffieux
    Adult: 180 to 200 €
    Child: 165 € (8 to 18 years).
    3-4 people. : € 165 / pers.
    5-18 people. : € 155 / pers.
    All year round
    Opening hours on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between 1.30 pm and 6 pm. On Thursday and Friday between 10.30 am and 6 pm.
    For your balloon flights booking.
  • 6 Little balloons

    An original and hictoric animation for your parties, family gathering, wedding...
    139, rue de Sagneux Grange Sainte Claire
    07430 Vernosc-lès-Annonay

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