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  • 1 Carp fishing by night : Lake of green

    This lake is the property of the Association of the irrigation of the lake of Green.
    Lac de Vert
    07430 Vernosc-lès-Annonay
    To have the right to fish on the lake, it is necessarily to settle a special annual contribution besides the fishing licence, to the amount of 12 € for the holders of the fishing licence of Ardèche and of 17 € for the outsides. This stamp is delivered by the agents of the fishing licences of our association.
    All round year: open every days.
  • 2 La Gaule Annonéenne

    Discovery of the fishing and aquatic environment, learning of the fly fishing with fly-tying and taken out in rivers, assembly of the fishing line, in lakes and rivers.


    As part of this Workshop fish for nature and according to schedule, the AAPPMA La Gaule Annonéenne offers along the year, animation of fishing chared by a facilitator nationally qualified and volunteers of the association.
    Ecole maternelle Bernaudin
    07100 Annonay
    Free access.
    All year: opening every days
    To inquiry by phone to know days and opening hours.
  • 3 Route "no Kill" for fly-fishing

    La Deûme : river in first category La Cance : river first, and second category, route of fishing "No Kill"
    07100 Annonay
    First category : open from March 10th to September, 16 th
    Second category : opening all year
  • 4 Route of fishing, No Kill (all the fishing gears).

    La Cance - village between Quintenas et Vernosc on the length of 1100m.


    No kill. Any captured fish must be put back to the water. Authorized modes : all the fishing gears with compulsory artificial lure, the single barbless hook and brailing. Natural baits are forbidden.
    07430 Vernosc-lès-Annonay
    All year round : opening every days.
  • 5 Stretch with balanced management, all fishing gear

    La Cance : between Annonay and Roiffieux.
    07100 Annonay
  • 6 Route of fishing, no killing : pike-perch and pike

    The lake of Ternay Is classified in the second fish category (white fishs)


    For reasons of hygiene, are formally forbidden on the lake : • the shipping by all types of vessels • the fishing with baiting using products animals or chemical.
    Lac du Ternay, rive droite
    07100 Saint-Marcel-lès-Annonay
    All year round.
  • 7 Carp Fishing by night : Rhône

    It' s possible to fish carps by nights on the Rhone river. (Second category)
    07340 Serrières
    +33 (0)4 75 34 00 46
    Round year : open every days

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