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Top attractions in Ardèche Grand Air

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1. The Safari of Peaugres , bigger wildlife park of Auvergne Rhône-Alpes

No need to go to the ends of the earth to know a real change of scenery ! In this park of 80ha, you can discover more than 130 animal species come from 4 Continents! On foot, by bus, by car, the park offers you all the modes of escape for meet the most exotic animals up to the animals of farm, more familiar.

Safari de Peaugres : otarie

The Safari also proposes VIP visits on booking : in the skin of an animal trainer, a wild stroll by moonlight, the tour of the animal leader.

Practical information:
The park is opened from February 11th till November 12th.
Rates differ according to the periods from 20,5€ to 24€ for the adults and from 17,5€ to 21€ for the children (free for least than 3 years).

More information: www.safari-peaugres.com

The Good Deal: the Tourist office proposes you tickets for the Safari of Peaugres in red period in 22€ instead of 24€ for the adults and 19€ instead of 21€ for the children!

2. Canson and Montgolfier paper mill Museum, to live in the time of the paper-makers

In the native house of the brothers Montgolfier, at the heart of the royal Factory, Canson and Montgolfier paper mill Museum, makes the stationery live again of the 17th century in our days. It is the magic of the paper sheet that we see making in the classic art sleep off, the noise of the machines which liven up …

Musée des Papeteries Canson et Montgolfier

It’s the only museum in the world which present a paper machine in real size in movement !

Practical information:
The museum is opened all year long on Wednesday and Sundays from 2:30 pm till 6 pm (except Easter day) and every afternoon from 2:15 pm till 6 pm from July 1st till September 1st.
The rate is 5,20€ for the adults, 4€ for the children (free less than 6 years).

More information: www.musee-papeteries-canson-montgolfier.fr

The Good Deal : the museum is a part of Pass Ardèche sites ! A bought Pass gives you access to 30 free sites in all Ardèche ! A good opportunity to discover this museum and plenty of other sites on the department. The Pass is for sale on the Internet and in all the Tourist offices of Ardèche.

3. The visit of the historic center of Annonay, birthplace of inventors

Annonay, city of Inventors, saw arising revolutionary ideas for the period. But it’s also a city with strong industrial character : work of skins and industries by-products, stationeries, manufacturing of coaches... You can discover all this wealth in the old center of Annonay during a nice stroll according to streets

Centre historique d'Annonay

Practical information:
Get yourselves the map of Annonay in the Tourist office or download it here. This document will allow you to follow step by step the history of Annonay by discovering the main monuments and the curiosities of the historic center !
More information: http://www.ardechegrandair.com/Historic-town-centre.html

The Good Deal : the Tourist office proposes guided tours of the historic center of Annonay. This summer, meet Miss Marguerite during the funny visits ! You will learn full of anecdotes on the city while taking advantage of a beautiful stroll in the alleys of the historical center. Information it is there !

4. A hot-air balloon flight in the city of the Montgolfier’s brothers

What could be more magic than "to travel the skies" in the city which saw being born the invention of the hot-air balloon ?! All year long, come to make a baptism in hot-air balloon for Annonay to skim through our green and hilly landscapes. Between the top of trees and the clouds, you will benefit of a 360° panorama...

Vol en montgolfière

Practical information:
The departures in hot-air balloon are made early in the morning (between 6 am and 8 hours according to the period of the year) subject to an adapted weather report.
The price list varies between 170€ and 210€ a person.

More information: www.montgolfieres-cie.com and www.ardeche-montgolfieres.fr

The Good Deal : every year, the first weekend of June, Art de l’Envol celebrates the hot-air balloon to Annonay. The opportunity to see dozens of balloons to fly away at the same time and to color the sky of the city... An event not to be missed!

5. The tourist road of the valley of Cance, wild and taken

The luxuriant valley of Cance connects Annonay in the Rhône. Borrowed in particular by the cyclists, this tortuous valley receives numerous treasures to begin with the Rock Péréandre, natural curiosity drawn up at the heart of the river. You will discover on the spot the legend of this strange monolith.

La Roche Péréandre

You will pursue your road by discovering the bridge of Mill on Cance, classified in conformance with Historic monuments, authentic and rare witness of techniques finalized by the inventor Marc Seguin. This place is also an old industrial site specialized in the production and the processing of the silk, we can again see there the former building.

Pont de Moulin sur Cance

Practical information:
You can park your car on the parking lot planned for that purpose in front of the site of the Rock Péréandre. It is also possible to join the valley of Cance on foot since the village of Vernosc.

More information : the route of hike "La Roche Péréandre"

The Good Deal : discover the valley of Cance in video thanks to the bloggers « Carnets de Rando » which traveled it on foot and « I-Voyages » who measured it in bike..